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Welcome to We are the premiere football handicapping service in the country. Unlike most sports handicappers, we don’t claim to have inside information or Locks of the Decade. Our picks are simply the most heavily researched in the business. Each game that we put out has been analyzed from all angles. Every single factor that may impact the result of the game has been covered. There is absolutely nothing about a game that we are going to recommend you put your hard earned cash on that we don’t know about. We don’t merely give out picks that we think might win, we put out selections that we feel have a very high percentage chance of getting the job done. At you receive only the strongest plays of the week and we let the card dictate how many plays we give out. Our selectivity is a result of our absolute hatred for losing wagers and even though there is no such thing as a sure thing, we are looking for games that look pretty darn close to an absolute winner.

When you come aboard, we promise that no one will work harder for you. We take a high IQ Approach to handicapping. Chief Handicapper, Ryan Dreyden, looks at every crucial statistic which is an art form in itself. He simply knows what statistics are the most important to affecting the outcome of ball games. For us to give you a selection there must be a big disparity between the two teams statistically. Next, we examine all the subjective factors that play a big role in predicting the final score, such as injuries, motivation, coaching, home field advantage, and everything else that we feel will impact the game. We also know how to analyze a line. The odds makers have many tricks in their bag to fool the betting public and through our experience we have picked up on many of them and know what to avoid and decipher why a line has been set at a particular number. Ryan Dreyden is also a firm believer in watching the teams play because the statistics alone can sometimes be misleading. Knowing the teams inside and out is the only way to be successful in this business and that’s what we do. It’s our livelihood. When you sign up with you will be receiving the best picks money can buy!




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